The 3 Best Baby Diaper Changing Pads

The best changing pad will protect your little one from dirty surfaces while protecting surfaces from the famous poop explosions and diaper spills.

What You Must Know About Diaper Changing Pads

Diaper changing pads may either have a waterproof surface to keep spillage out or so you can use a diaper changing pad cover to protect the changing pad. This is because they are exposed to a lot of diaper spills. There are four types of diaper changing pads in the market to serve your needs, whether you are on the road traveling or at home. The diaper changing pads come in different sizes and you do need to check the changing pad size to ensure it fits your surface.

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The diaper changing pads can either be organic or synthetic. This, however, does not have much effect on the baby as the changing process is a short process. You can get these pads in a variety of designs from stripes to cartoon characters that baby can enjoy, making the diaper changing process fun. The diaper changing mats can be handmade or bought and are durable.

The changing pad dimensions depict the size of a changing pad.  Some diaper changing pads are considered standard but there is a need to be specific since some may not differ much in terms of dimensions.  A typical dimension is a 16.5 by 33 by 4 of, for instance, a naturepedic changing pad.

Types of Diaper Changing Pads

There are four types of diaper changing pads in the market.

Standard Diaper Pad

Standard Diaper Pad

This is a mini mattress used solely for baby’s diaper changing time. It can also be used singularly on any surface within the home. A standard diaper changing pad may be covered with a changing pad cover to protect it from diaper leaks. It turns the cleaning process into a breeze.  Akin to a bed-sheet, when the changing pad cover becomes dirty, it is simply changed and washed in the machine.


Travel Diaper Changing Pad

Travel Diaper Changing Pad


Since a standard diaper changing pad is too bulky, you can carry the travel diaper changing pad which is lightweight and reusable. You can fold it up like a towel, making it easily portable since it does not take up much space.


Diaper Changing Kit

Diaper Changing Kit

This is a kit that includes a changing pad complete with diapers, wipes and storage pockets for your accessories like the phone and keys. It is portable and extremely convenient for baby’s day out. It gives you a reprieve from the bulky diaper bags.


Disposable Diaper Changing Pad

Disposable Diaper Changing Pad

As the name denotes, you can dispose of this changing pad after use giving you one less item to clean up. After use, you simply bunch it up and off into the trash it goes. They are lightweight and do not take up much space when folded. If your bag is already overflowing, worry not. You can just squeeze it in. These changing pads come in packs of 10 or more.


What to Look for When Buying a Changing Diaper Pad


Since a changing diaper pad protects the baby from dirty surfaces and in turn protects surfaces from baby’s poop and diaper spillage, a changing diaper pad needs to fulfill these two vital functions.

Curved or Flat

Diaper changing time may be welcomed by some babies who love the air hitting their bottom while others may squirm and wiggle all over the place. Who can blame them? A cold wipe wiping a warm bottom is nothing to sneeze at. A changing diaper pad with a curved surface will keep baby in place as you do the changing.

Safety Belt

Sometimes diaper changing time becomes teamwork with one person holding the little rascal down as the other one will change the diaper. These are the moments that call for a safety belt. If the squirming and wiggling are at a whole new level, a safety belt that sits over your angel’s torso will keep that baby in place until you are done with the changing.


At some point, you may be forgiven for thinking that babies derive pleasure in pooping. They actually do.  A pooping baby is a healthy baby.  With that being established, you realize that you will be dealing with a load of poop and cleanliness is called for. You want an easy to clean changing diaper pad that can be ready for the next changing session.

You can either have a waterproof surface that will avoid any spillage from seeping into the diaper changing pad.  Alternatively, you can also have a changing pad cover that acts like a sheet. It is draped over the changing pad and any spillage is absorbed by this cover that is washed immediately after.  You require more than one diaper changing pad cover to be ready for the next gift baby gives you.

The Underside

The underside of the changing pad can determine whether it will be slipping and sliding all over the surface as a result of your wriggling bundle of joy. If the diaper changing pad is placed on a wooden or other slippery material, be ready to have hands like an octopus to keep it in place. You can place a non-slip rug underneath your changing pad for a non-slip grip.


If you have a table or surface specifically for changing baby, it is imperative to buy a diaper changing pad that fits the surface. You can measure the reserved diaper changing pad surface and do the same for the changing pad as you shop for it to avoid disappointments.

The Three Best Baby Changing Pads

Changing your baby’s diaper needs to be a fun affair that should not take too much time, sans the almost inevitable smell. Some popular diaper changing pads are;

Peanut Diaper Changer

Peanut Diaper Changer

This baby comes with a choice of seven colors, is waterproof and does not absorb liquid, making it easy to clean. It cannot be punctured and being an American make, it upholds quality and durability. The shape holds baby into place despite the acrobatics your little one may have decided to engage in. Despite its hardiness, it is soft and your baby can be comfortable as you change the diaper. The warranty is for 5 years so this can easily be a hand-me-down to other children.

Duluxe Flannel Change Pad

Duluxe Flannel Change Pad

This travel diaper changing pad comes in over 15 colors and patterns. It is big, soft and takes up little space since it folds up well. Surprisingly, when unfolded, it is gigantic and covers up your chosen changing area well while baby will enjoy the soft flannel texture. Like a towel, it soaks up any spillage. You can wash it in the machine with no risk of shrinking.

Natural Contoured Changing Pad

Natural Contoured Changing PadThis list will be incomplete without giving moms who love organic products a chance to have a peek at one of the organic diaper changing pads. This diaper changing pad is made of plant based foam which is a non-toxic material, keeping baby safe. This quality American made diaper changing pad has a waterproof cover and as much as it can fit on changing tables, you can also screw it in place to avoid slipping.


Protect your angel with changing pad covers and in the process, clean-up will be a breeze. These changing pads and the covers come in a variety of patterns to grace any nursery. They do not shrink after washing. What better way to show your munchkin some love than by keeping them clean and warm?