Demystifying the Best Baby Food Maker


Babies do have taste buds.  In case you thought otherwise, spare yourself the inevitable grimace on your sweet baby’s face courtesy of the stereotypical ‘tasteless’ baby food by getting the best baby food maker in the market.  With a food maker, you can whip up gourmet style meals for your little one in no time without any fear of additives.  Being a hands-on parent has never been defined better than starting with herb seasoning and garnishing your baby’s food from scratch.

Preparing baby food may seem like a far-fetched notion until you realize how much you are denying your child a great culinary experience.  Just because a human being lacks teeth, it does not mean they should be starved of the pleasure of savoring fresh ingredients.  The best baby food maker features should make preparing baby’s food child’s play.

What to Consider when Buying a Baby Food Maker

Type of Baby Food Maker

Type of Baby Food Maker

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All-in-one machine or Manual Food Mill

If you are a parent on-the-go with little time to spare, the food maker may suffice.  This is the baby food maker ‘one-stop-shop’ where you can do everything you want using one appliance.  As a jerk of all trades in food making matters, the all-in-one machine will only require you to wash and peel your raw vegetables.

Simply throw them into the machine with some water and in no time you will have a ready-to-eat puree.  You can use the spare time to bond with your little one instead of slaving over a hot stove.  Since these all-in-one machines come in bigger sizes, you can make a large amount of food to be stored hygienically for use later.

On the other hand, a food mill emulates a baby food blender for certain jobs.  It can whip up varying quantities of food by mashing and straining the food through a sieve for a fine consistency.  It is also easily portable though can get a bit messy.

Manual or Electric

The market offers both manual and electric food makers.  The manual food makers are less expensive but require a lot of manual effort.  The electric food makers are fast, easy-to-use and efficient.

Easy to Clean/ Dishwasher safe

A baby food maker has many removable parts that can be time-consuming when it comes to cleaning.  The option of throwing them in a dishwasher is an attractive option.  Alternatively, you can simply wipe it down without leaving smudges.  Chrome and stainless steel are known to leave behind smudges.


The price tag on a food maker can determine whether you buy it or not.  Contrary to popular opinion, the most costly appliance may either be the best or not.  What matters is getting the appliance that will satisfy the functions you desire.   Some food makers are specifically for baby food only while others can be used beginning from the time baby is young until after weaning.

User Friendliness

Any contraption that requires an expert to fathom its use has failed in catering for a regular parent.  The best baby food maker has an easy to understand manual with few steps required to jumpstart it.  You will save time and energy when you get a simple baby food maker that you can use at any time without having to refer to the manual constantly for a crash refresher course on how to use it.


A baby food blender and food maker would in most cases have motors, blades, and plastics.  It is wise to consider a baby food maker that has motors that do not smoke, blades that are not easily dulled and plastics that will not melt.  It goes without saying that such a food maker would be the best and of high quality in the market.

Brand/ Model

Brands can be trusted or not.  When looking to buy the best baby food maker, the brand name matters since after numerous reviews, you will be able to choose the best food maker for your baby’s food.  Some models may have attractive features that satisfy your needs.


A good baby food maker is one that purees the food fast and effectively.  You do not want lumpy food, forcing you to repeat the process in order to get a smooth consistency for your little one.  A food maker with weakened and sluggish motors, dull blades or poorly designed blades can contribute to this ineffective pureeing of food.  A baby food maker with a large capacity to hold food for at least three servings also makes for efficiency as you can simply make a substantial amount of food and store it hygienically for later.


It is a given that in considering a baby food maker, you want to know what is going into your baby’s food.  No chemicals, additives or harmful compounds that will compromise baby’s health in the long run.  This is why you need a food maker that will have baskets and steaming bowls that allow BPA and phthalates to leak into your baby’s food.  Though it is yet to be substantiated if these compounds are harmful, you may not look kindly on them.

Newer food maker models from major manufacturers have taken this into consideration and eliminated these chemicals from their products.  It would be harmful to your baby if some parts of the food maker would break and find their way into the food.  Look for a food maker that has unbreakable parts for safety purposes.

Storage and Portability

Since you will be making a healthy sized portion, you will need the freeze-safe containers that may come with some of the food makers.   Additionally, your baby will precociously be able to begin feeding themselves with the squeezable pouches that store food and allow them to take charge of their feeding.  The food maker may have a squeeze station that allows you to put the food in these squeezable pouches.

These accessories make for an attractive option.  You will be pleasantly surprised by bonus mind blowing features that take your baby food production and storage to a whole new level.  Baby bullet reviews reveal Sippy cups attached to the machine for clean transfer of baby food to the cup especially when on the go.


The bowls where all the action takes place need to be resilient and uphold their quality even after cleaning.  Some appliances may develop mold if cleaned with hard water particularly following years of use.  Adhering to the maintenance instruction will ensure the durability of a unit.

Some baby food makers have mind boggling features that you would not have thought of.  Have a glimpse at the features;

Features of a Baby Food Maker

A Baby Food Maker

One Step Process Function

This is a baby food maker that will chop, steam, and blend.  Steaming preserves all the natural goodness that a baby’s food requires.  If for instance, you are preparing broccoli baby food, you would want to lock in flavor and make great tasting food.  Your baby will become less picky during meals to incredibly enjoying steamed mussels by the time they become preschoolers.

Some models allow for water collection at the bottom of the container and after steaming, this same water full of natural goodness is used by the baby food blender to produce a nutritious mix. In case your baby’s food cools down, some models come with a warming function for reheating the food.

For babies who are still bottle-fed, some models that specifically mix water and formula powder will do.  They have a temperature control for warming the baby food bottle to 98 degrees, an ideal temperature for the baby to feed.


You need a food maker that has a bowl doubling up as steamer, basket, and blender.  The large capacity enables you to make more food that can be frozen and used at a later date.  A food maker with one large bowl for these functions makes cooking and cleaning up a breeze.

Removable Water Tank

You no longer have to worry about calcium buildup with a removable water tank.  You can fill in your baby food maker and clean it easily in the sink.

Easily Manipulated Control Panel

The best baby food maker will have a control panel that you can manipulate easily for your desired function.  You can choose a singular function of steam, blend or a combination of the two.  The display will show the countdown time until the food is ready.

The Bowl Seal

You do not want to keep on re-heating your baby’s food.  The bowl seal secures steam in the container when it is being prepared.  This is to ensure the steam keeps the food warm while retaining nutrients.  Your safety is reinforced with this seal as spitting of hot contents is eliminated.

Motor Sound

No one desires a noisy food preparation process.   A food maker that is as noiseless as possible is the best as it will not startle your baby.  Even a muffled sound is preferable to a powerful whirr.

Blade Lock System

Blades crush, chop, initiating the blending process.  It is significant to have a food maker that can lock in the blades as you do not want to bleed all over the kitchen counter as a result of a blade accident.  A food maker that allows you to lock in the blades and transfer food into another container is desirable.

Puree Quality

At the end of the day, excellent puree quality also matters.  You want a food maker that will give a smooth consistency without having to run it through the blades again.

Major Pitfalls to Avoid when Buying a Baby Food Maker

In purchasing a baby food maker, it is prudent to consider how useful it will be in the long run.  Will you buy an expensive monster only to discard it after 6 months or can it double up as a dessert making appliance?  How much use can you get into it?  Answering these questions will guide your choice.

Assuming that the most expensive food maker is the best may be folly.  Research deeply and buy the food maker that best suits your needs.  You may find that for the same price, you can get more features, added accessories, complete with a recipe, and baby food feeder guide.

Final Word

After all is said and done, you are the one who will walk to make a purchase in a physical store or click away online through and BestReviews.  In making your own baby food, you can eliminate the added sugars that store-bought food may have.  The baby food connoisseur in you can make baby food with a kick, using this appliance, to give your angel a taste of heaven with an expanded palate.